SL Application

-About Us

Komatsu Summer School (KSS) is a one-week liberal arts education program for Japanese high school students. Since its founding in 2014, KSS has been providing opportunities for students from all over Japan to have learning experiences about various issues occurring around the world, people with different backgrounds and ultimately, themselves. We strongly believe that such experiences will support high school students to figure out who they are, and what they want to be in the future.


-Seminar Leaders (SLs)

Seminar Leaders are foreign college students who are responsible for teaching and leading the seminars. Seminar topics are diverse, ranging from science, to writing, music and martial arts. SLs will be paired up with a House Leader, who are Japanese college students, and together they will design the seminar from scratch. SLs are also responsible for participating in activities with high school students and sharing their experiences and perspectives. SLs are expected to be the “role model” for high school students who are excited to meet new people and encounter new ideas.

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Komatsu, Ishikawa

*SLs do not have to be physically in Japan during preparation (before 7/31) since most of the work will be done online.




*However, SLs are also required to attend a preparation camp from 7/31-8/1, which will also be held in Ishikawa area.



Japanese and English

*SLs will be teaching seminars in English and high school students are highly encouraged to use English to communicate. However, a lot of activities and programs in KSS will use Japanese as a main language.


-Requirements and Preferences

1: At least one year of academic experience in studying Japanese, however two years are recommended since a lot of parts in KSS are operated in Japanese.

2: Speaks English at native proficiency

3: Physically able to participate KSS from 7/31-8/8

4: Enrolled in university or college institution (In some specific cases, we are able to make exceptions, so please reach out to us if you have any questions)

5: Have a time to work with HLs during the syllabus making process (from late April to early June)

6: Willing to communicate with team members in daily basis

7: Devoted to work as a team, help each other and high school students.

*Teaching or working experience is not necessarily required


-Fees and Expenses

Lodging fees, meals, and other expenses during KSS are covered.

Domestic transportation fees are covered up to ¥12,000.

However, please keep in mind that we are not able to provide financial support for airfare to Japan.


-Application Process

Application Link:

-Application deadline is 3/25

-Once your application is submitted, the seminar department team will contact you to set up an interview appointment.


-Contact us

If you have any questions regarding KSS, please email us at: (Rin Yamanashi)