Who are we?

As a high school student, you have a world of choices and options open to explore and pursue – all of which may shape your future differently.
However, when caught up in the confines of high school, it can sometimes be hard to discover just how many different life choices are out there. We at Komatsu Summer School believe that to reimagine the kind of life you wish to lead and realize a whole new world of possibilities, it is imperative for you to step outside of your everyday life, and exposing yourself to different perspectives.
Founded in 2014, Komatsu Summer School (KSS) brings together Japanese high school students with college students from around the world to learn together, study together, and together expand each other’s understanding of the world.


At KSS, high school students from all over Japan receive instruction and mentoring from college students from all over the world, as well as guidance from Japanese staff members from a wide variety of backgrounds. In addition to studying with and learning from mentors from various backgrounds, nationalities, universities, and ages in liberal arts style seminars, students will find themselves together with sixty peers, also passionate about discovering themselves, to attend lectures given by Japanese leaders of industry around the globe, and to participate in a variety of traditional Japanese activities.


For high school students:

If you are interested in widening your perspective of the world, and meeting lasting like-minded friends and mentors who share your passion, join us, at KSS. It may well be, a truly memorable, and life-changing experience.

Application information will be provided in mid April.




What is a Seminar Leader?

As a teacher and mentor to Japanese high school students, your role as Seminar Leader will have two parts. You will design and teach a seminar, but also actively engage with a group of five students called a “house” outside of class at cultural and social events and meals. In both roles, you will not be alone; you will be paired with a Japanese college student who will co-design your seminar and help you lead your house.


SL Application:

Details will be provided at the end of Feburary.
If you have any questions regarding the program or the application,
please feel free to contact us at komatsu.seminars@gmail.com. (Kei Kato)


How can I apply?

Details will be provided at the end of Feburary.


Program Information

  • Dates: August 2nd to August 8th, 2019
  • Location: Komatsu, Ishikawa -A preparation camp (合宿/gasshuku) will be held on July 31st and August 1st in Kanazawa, Ishikawa.
  • Fees: None. Lodging and expenses are paid for.
  • Languages: English and Japanese


Founded upon the principle of “Creating an environment for the exploration of new horizons and paths through close, and diverse exchanges,” Komatsu Summer School aims to continue its mission by providing high school students with the following four programs:


“Through dialogue, experience true scholarship.”

Break the barrier between the humanities and the sciences, explore your interests, and experience a liberal arts education* like no other through seminars led by U.S. college students. From pre-seminar preparations to in-class discussions to final presentations, these seminars are, for the most part, conducted in English. Through active participation and frequent communication, students will not only gain a liberal arts education experience, but also be able to further explore subjects that stimulate their intellectual curiosity.


*What is a liberal arts education?

Formed from the Latin roots libertas (“freedom”) and ars (“concepts that can be taught”), the phrase liberal arts is a literal translation of the Latin phrase ars liberalis. Broadly defined, the phrase means the power to choose and contemplate upon various concepts deemed necessary to live as a free, autonomous human being. Break away from chugging along a pre-defined rail, and instead explore the essential question of “Who am I? What do I want to do with my life?” while gaining the ability to create your own unique path.



“Listen from and interact with familiar role models. Learn and further your inner self.”

Usually busy with academics and extracurricular activities, high school students may find it difficult to develop their inner selves and contemplate their future. During forums, we invite role models who are active in their respective fields and industries to give talks on a variety of topics. Through these interactive and lively talks, we hope to inspire students to pursue their dreams and realize their infinite potential, while at the same time invite them to sit down and seriously contemplate what path they wish to pursue in the future.



Komatsu cultural workshops

“Immerse yourself in timeless traditions. Experience Komatsu.”

Break free from learning passively in a classroom and learn instead through interactive, hands-on workshops! Make traditional Japanese sweets, participate in kabuki and festivals, and try out hand crafts. Through these workshops, our goal is to let students experience Komatsu’s timeless traditions and rediscover Japan’s unique cultures. Explore Komatsu and get to know its culture and history. Experience the joy of creativity. Interact with local residents. These workshops are a time to not only have fun, but to also discover.


Free Dialogue

“Interact with others from diverse backgrounds. Journey to discover your true self.”

Through activities such as the seminars and forums, students gain new experiences every day. Free Dialogue is an opportunity for students to share these experiences with others as professionals, college students, and high school students alike from a variety of ages, genders, jobs, and backgrounds gather in the same room to mingle with one another. Through interactions ranging from casual conversations to serious consultations, students are challenged from a variety of perspectives, encouraged to break out of their old shells, and embark on a journey to discover their new, true selves.


Contact Information

  • Komatsu Summer School Executive Committee
  • E-mail: komatsu.seminars@gmail.com (Kei Kato)
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.